August 21, 2018


Ven. Dhammadipa

Ven. Dhammadipa (Thomas Peter Gutmann) is renowned teacher of Dharma and meditation
in Europe, Asia, and the United States.
He carries degrees in philosophy from the Prague University, in Chinese from the
University of Paris, and in Sanskrit and Buddhist philosophy from the Nalanda University
in India. Besides Czech, his mother tongue, ven. Dhammadipa speaks numerous other
languages, including Chinese, English, Russian, and German.
Ven. Dhammadipa ordained in 1986 at the hermitage of Nissarana Vanaya, Meethirigala,
Sri Lanka, under Venerable Matara Sri Nanarama Maha Thera. There he studied
Abhidharma and Sanskrit and later taught them at the University for Buddhist Studies at Fa-gu
Shan, Taiwan.
In Burma, he spent years practicing meditation at the Pa-Auk International Meditation
Center, ultimately becoming Pa-Auk Sayadaw’s assistant.
Since the 90s, ven Dhammadipa has been teaching all over the world. Our sangha at BBAC
was very fortunate to host a few of his multi-day retreats.


11/14/18(Wed) – 12/04/18 (Tue)
New York (CYM)
A 10-day retreat, 11/17 -11/26

12/04/18 (Tue) – 12/27/18 (Thu)
New Mexico (FYPM)
A 3-week retreat

12/27/18 (Thu) – 01/02/19 (Wed)
San Jose, CA
A 7-day retreat

01/02/19 (Wed) – 01/17/19 (Thu)
San Jose, CA
A 3-day retreat

01/17/19 (Thu) – 01/24/19 (Wed)
Los Angeles, CA
Possible weekend retreat

01/24/19 (Thu) – 01/30/20 (Thu)
Boulder, CO
Possible weekend retreat

01/30/20 (Thu) – 02/06/19 (Wed)
Tallahassee, FL
Possible weekend retreat